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Table 3 Richness and diversity estimates for bacterial and archaeal 16S rRNA and SDIMO gene clone libraries from both P and Np Soil samples (sequence classification based on the cutoff value determined by DOTUR).

From: Cultivation-independent methods applied to the microbial prospection of oil and gas in soil from a sedimentary basin in Brazil

Gene (na) Richnessb Distancec Chaod Acee Shannonf
Bacterial 16S rDNA library (145) 105 0.03 331.8 391.4 4.49
Archaeal 16S rDNA library (53) 12 0.03 17 18.3 2.05
SDIMO Gene (68 - P Soil) 7 0.17 7 7.3 1.09
SDIMO Gene (70 - Np Soil) 2 0.17 2 0 0.44
  1. an, Number of gene sequences analyzed.
  2. b 97% identity was estimated as the species-level distance (D = 0.03) for Bacteria and Archaea, and 83% identity for SDIMO genes.
  3. cRichness is based on observed unique OTUs.
  4. dNonparametric statistical prediction of total richness of different OTUs and OPFs based on distribution of abundant (10) and rare (10) OTUs.
  5. eNonparametric statistical predictions of total richness of OTUs and OPFs based on distribution of singletons and doubletons.
  6. fShannon diversity index. A higher number represents more diversity.