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Table 2 Blastx analyses of SDIMO clone sequences representing each of the OPF determined in the present study and the highest identity matches from the Genbank database.

From: Cultivation-independent methods applied to the microbial prospection of oil and gas in soil from a sedimentary basin in Brazil

OPF Number of clone sequences Gene Best match Average of Identity (nt)
1 5 (P) - 14 (Np) SDIMO Uncultured bacterium ABB70434 81.4%
2 48 (P) - 56 (Np) SDIMO Uncultured bacterium ABB70441 93.2%
3 3 (P) SDIMO Uncultured bacterium ABB70469 93.4%
4 3 (P) EtnC Mycobacterium chubuense NBB4 83.7%
5 1 (P) SDIMO Mycobacterium sp. JS623 66.0%
6 6 (P) SDIMO Uncultured bacterium ABB70430 77.4%
7 2 (P) MmoX Nocardioides sp. JS614 88.5%
  1. MmoX represents Methane Monoxygenase, EtnC represents Ethene Monoxygenase, and SDIMOs represents soluble di-iron monoxygenase enzymes that have not been assigned to a known subgroup. Identity average shows the percentage of identity at the nucleotide level (nt) compared with sequences from Genbank database. (P) Represents sequences from P soil and (Np) from Np soil.