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Figure 6

From: High-yield production of aromatic peroxygenase by the agaric fungus Marasmius rotula

Figure 6

Effect of the pH on the Mro APO-catalyzed oxidation of different substrates. A - ABTS (0.6 mM) (squares) and veratryl alcohol (5 mM) (triangles), B - DMP (6 mM) (diamonds) and naphthalene (2 mM) (black circles), C - benzyl alcohol (white circles). ABTS was oxidized into the corresponding cation radical (ABTS), vertatryl alcohol into vertraldehyde, DMP into a dimeric DMP-quinone, naphthalene into 1-naphthol and benzyl alcohol into benzaldehyde. Reactions were performed in sodium phosphate/citrate buffer in the presence of 2 mM H2O2 at 25°C. The data are means of three parallel experiments with standard deviation < 5%.

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