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Table 3 qRT-PCR probe and reaction descriptions

From: The role of different methanogen groups evaluated by Real-Time qPCR as high-efficiency bioindicators of wet anaerobic co-digestion of organic waste

Target group Probe name target Example of regression curve r 2 PCR efficiency (%) Acceptable data (%)
Methanosarcina msar y = -0.2547x +11.34 0.997 80 75
Methanobacteriaceae mrtA y = -0.2691x+12.21 0.995 86 4
Methanocorpusculaceae mcp y = -0.2627x+12.38 0.987 83 88
Methanosaetaceae msa y = -0.2380x+10.27 0.943 73 52
  1. There is a standard reference curve only for the Methanosarcina and Methanobatecteriaceae, making it possible to establish the gene copies in the extracted DNA. The last column indicates the percentage of determinable sample on the total 25 tested samples.