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Figure 4

From: Alliinase from Ensifer adhaerens and Its Use for Generation of Fungicidal Activity

Figure 4

Conversion of (±)-alliin to pyruvic acid, ammonia, and allicin by P-19486 alliinase. The reaction mixture containing 1 mM (±)-alliin, 20 μM PLP, and P-19486 alliinase (0.1 unit) in 1.0 ml of 50 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.0) was incubated at 30°C. Portions were withdrawn for the measurement of pyruvic acid (open square) and ammonia (closed square) by the colorimetric methods. The concentrations of (+)-alliin (closed circle), (-)-alliin (open circle), and allicin (open triangle) were measured by the HPLC-analyses.

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