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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Development of butanol-tolerant Bacillus subtilis strain GRSW2-B1 as a potential bioproduction host

Bacterial strain
or plasmid
Relevant characteristic(s) Source or reference
B. subtilis GRSW2-B1 Butanol-tolerant bacterium This study
B. subtilis 168 A type-strain Bacillus subtilis. Source of promoter sequences: P43, P2L Laboratory stock
E. coli DH5α hsdR17 recA endA1 lacZΔM15. For plasmid construction and propagation purpose Invitrogen, USA
pHY300PLK A shuttle vector for E. coli and B. subtilis, carrying bla (Apr) and tetL (Tcr). Source of tetracycline promoter (PTet) (Ishiwa and Shibahara 1985)
pQF50 A broad-host range vector. Source of trpA terminators, a multiple cloning site (MCS) and lacZ (Farinha and Kropinski 1990)
pUC4K A vector carrying Apr, Kmr. Source of kanamycin promoter (PKm) Laboratory stock
pNCMO2 A vector carrying strong promoter P2 for Brevibacillus. Source of P2 promoter (P2N) Takara Bio Inc., Japan
pDG148 A shuttle vector for E. coli and B. subtilis, carrying bla (Apr) and kan (Kmr). Source of kanamycin resistant gene cassette and Spac promoter (PSpac) Laboratory stock
pWH1520 An expression vector for B. megaterium. Source of xylose promoter (PxylA) Mo Bi Tec, Germany
pHZT pHY300PLK (Tcr) carrying trpA, MCS, lacZ This study
pHZK pHY300PLK, carrying trpA, MCS, lacZ, and tetL (Tcr) was replaced with kan (Kmr) This study
pHZT-P43 pHZT carrying P43 This study
pHZT-PK pHZT carrying PKm This study
pHZT-P2N pHZT carrying P2N This study
pHZT-P2L pHZT carrying P2L This study
pHZT-PT pHZT carrying PTet This study
pHZT-PS pHZT carrying PSpac This study
pHZT-PX pHZT carrying PxylA This study
pHZK-PX pHZK carrying PxylA This study