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Table 1 Bacillus megaterium strains used in this study, and GenBank accession numbers for CYP102A1 variants, 16S rRNA, and ITS sequences between 16S-23S sequencesa

From: Characterization of diverse natural variants of CYP102A1 found within a species of Bacillus megaterium

   Accession Number
Strain Variant Name b Genomic DNA 16S rRNA 16S-23S intergenic
KCCM 11745 102A1.1 (J04832)c FJ917385 FJ969781
IFO 12108 102A1.1 (J04832)c FJ969756 FJ969774
ATCC 14581 102A1.1 (J04832)c FJ969751 FJ969767
KCCM 41415 102A1.1 (J04832)c FJ969762 FJ969792
KCTC 3712 102A1.2 FJ899078 FJ969764 FJ969795
KCCM 12503 102A1.3 FJ899082 FJ969761 FJ969787
ATCC 15451 102A1.4 FJ899085 FJ969753 FJ969768
ATCC 10778 102A1.5 FJ899078 FJ969746 FJ969765
KCCM 11938 102A1.5 FJ899078 FJ969760 FJ969786
KCCM 11761 102A1.5 FJ899078 FJ969757 FJ969783
KCCM 11776 102A1.6 FJ899081 FJ969758 FJ969784
KCCM 11934 102A1.6 FJ899081 FJ969759 FJ969785
ATCC 14945 102A1.7 FJ899084 FJ969749 FJ969766
ATCC 21916 102A1.8 FJ899092 FJ969755 FJ969772
KCTC 2194 102A1.8 FJ859036 FJ969763 FJ969794
ATCC 19213 102A1.9 FJ899091 FJ969754 FJ969769
ATCC 12872 QM B1551d -e -e -e
  1. aGenBank accession numbers (except J04832) were assigned to nucleotide sequences determined in this study. The corresponding CYP102A1 variant gene for each strain is listed.
  2. bThe CYP102A1 variants were named based on the amino acid similarity (Fig. 1a and Table 2).
  3. cPreviously known as the nucleotide sequence of P450 BM3 (CYP102A1) from B. megaterium (Ruettinger et al. 1989).
  4. dGenetic Information regarding the CYP102A1 variant of B. megaterium QM B1551 (ATCC 12872) was obtained from the Whole Genome Sequencing of B. megaterium and the variant was designated as QM B1551. We only used its genetic information to compare to those of other variants and did not study its biochemical and physical properties.
  5. eGenetic information of B. megaterium QM B1551 (ATCC 12872) regarding its CYP102A1 variant, 16S rRNA, and ITS was obtained from the Whole Genome Sequencing of B. megaterium Accession numbers were not provided.